Windsor Castle, loved by the late Queen Elizabeth, has a huge Christmas tree again this year


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Windsor Castle, the beloved home of the late Queen Elizabeth II, was decorated with a huge Christmas tree for the annual event. The castle, which became the official residence of King Charles after the Queen’s death, was decorated with Christmas decorations everywhere. Also this Christmas, for the first time in three years, members of the royal family will gather at the Sandringham residence.



On November 25 local time, the official social networking site of the Royal Collection Trust, which manages the British royal art collection, released a video of a huge Christmas tree set up at Windsor Castle.


The video shows a fir tree grown in Windsor Great Park, a royal park surrounding the castle, and next shows the tree being decorated as a Christmas tree in St George’s Hall in the castle.

The huge tree, which will almost reach the ceiling of the magnificent hall, will be about 6 meters high. The tree was decorated over two days with approximately 3,000 lights, hundreds of rainbow-colored ornaments, and purple velvet and satin ribbons. A large angel ornament decorated the top of the tree.


St. George Hall, a room used for welcoming state dinners and reception parties, is also open to the public throughout the year. The Christmas tree will be on display until January 2, 2023.


Every room in the castle is decorated for Christmas, and another video shows staff decorating the Waterloo Chamber, one of the largest rooms in the castle.


On a huge Christmas table were displayed a gilded bronze statue purchased by King George IV two centuries ago and china given to Queen Alexandra, who married King Edward VII in 1863.


A Christmas tree was also displayed in the Crimson Drawing Room, one of the most magnificent rooms in the castle.


Followers who saw the video of the giant Christmas tree said, “What a beautiful tree! Magical!” Magical!” and “It’s amazing!” were some of the comments.


Windsor Castle is known as the beloved residence of Queen Elizabeth before her death. During the pandemic, the annual Christmas gathering at Sandringham was cancelled, so the Queen spent Christmas at the castle for two consecutive years. 2020 was celebrated together with her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away in June 2021. The same year, then Prince Charles and his wife visited the castle for Christmas.


After the Queen’s death in September of this year, Windsor Castle was taken over as the official residence of King Charles, who acceded to the monarchy.


In addition, this Christmas, King Charles and other members of the royal family will gather at Sandringham again. On the 14th of this month, Sandringham House released a video on Instagram Story showing a giant Christmas tree being carried into the courtyard of the mansion.