Almost Mexican! Shohei Ohtani’s “perfect Spanish” with a colleague caught the attention of the international media! “He surprised all of us.


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Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels has become the talk of the town for his casual behavior.


On August 17, Ohtani started the game against the Seattle Mariners as the “No. 2 DH,” and he had a great performance, going 5-for-4 with four hits and four runs batted in, including his first hit in four games since a game against the Minnesota Twins on August 13 (local time). Although his team lost the game, he was dominant, recording four hits in a game for the first time since June 13, 2019 against the Tampa Bay Rays, when he hit for the cycle.



The casual behavior displayed by Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels) has become a topic of conversation.


The exchange that the great talent had with a colleague during a game was closely examined. The Mexican newspaper “Record” introduced a scene in which he and Jose Suarez, a left-handed reliever, were chatting in the dugout during a game. The Mexican newspaper “Record” introduced a scene in the dugout during the game in which he was chatting with Jose Suarez, a left-handed reliever.


Ohtani said a Spanish slang phrase meaning “You’ve got to be kidding me! which is Spanish slang for “You’ve got to be kidding me! The paper said, “The high point of the Angels’ three-game series came in the form of Japanese player Shohei Otani, who spoke fluent Spanish in the dugout. He surprised everyone in the dugout with his fluent Spanish.


The paper also analyzed Otani’s Spanish, saying, “It’s perfect.


Ohtani also spoke Spanish well. His hilarious moments were caught on camera and appeared on social media. His hilarious moment was caught on camera and appeared on social media, where it almost became a trend: “Brother Otani, you are almost Mexican,” the paper wrote.


According to Jaime Barria, a Panamanian pitcher who is good friends with Suarez, “Otani is also learning Spanish. Therefore, the exchange of jokes in this scene could be said to be the fruit of such daily “efforts”.


However, the point is this. The fact that such a casual off-the-field scene was captured by the international media is one example of Otani’s star power. The attention paid to the one and only two-sport athlete in the modern era is not half as high as it should be.