Angelina Jolie “grabbed her head…” US newspaper reports information on DV investigation that caused her divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt


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US actress Angelina Jolie (47) has anonymously filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to disclose information about an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred on a private jet in September 2016, which is believed to have been the cause of her divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt (58). The Los Angeles Times reported on the complaint.



The Los Angeles Times reported that the victim was subjected to domestic violence, including grabbing her head and shaking her.

According to the paper, Jolie and her eldest son, Maddox, had been having a disagreement before boarding the flight, and during the interrogation, Jolie claimed that she was pushed against the wall of the restroom by Pitt, who grabbed her head and shook her, and subjected her to domestic violence, injuring her back and elbow. She claimed that she had injured her back and elbow.


Pitt was said to have been intoxicated at the time, and it was also revealed that he shouted “you messed up my family” and punched the ceiling four times, poured beer on Jolie, who was lying down with her child, over the blanket, and poured wine on the seat to make it dirty.


Jolie filed for divorce shortly after the incident and the divorce was finalized in 2019. Pitt was investigated in the case, but was not charged.