Alec Baldwin talks about the shooting incident that “took years off his life” and the loss of five projects, and says, “I want everyone to know that XX is responsible for what happened.


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Alec Baldwin is currently under investigation for the accidental shooting of his film “Rust” last October. He commented in an interview with CNN that the incident “took years off my life.



I got fired from another job yesterday.




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Rust” was a western film starring Alec, Travis Fimmel of “Vikings: Champions of the Sea” and Jensen Acres of “Supernatural. On October 21, 2021 local time, Alec was practicing handling a revolver on the set of Bonanza Creek Ranch in Bonanza City, New Mexico, when a single gunshot went off, wounding director Joel Souza and killing cinematographer Halina Hutchins.


As the investigation into the incident is underway, Alec told CNN that in the aftermath of the incident, he lost five projects and industry leaders appear to want to avoid the risk of hiring Alec. ‘They fired me from another job yesterday,’ he said, ‘I was getting ready for a movie and was going to jump on a plane. I’ve been talking to them for months and they said yesterday, ‘We don’t want to do a movie with you [because of the incident].'”


Alec also said that he fears for his life after former President Donald Trump publicly stated that he believes he shot the cinematographer on purpose. The stress created by such fears, Alec commented, “has taken years off my life.”


He added, “If it weren’t for my wife, I don’t know what I would be doing now. If it wasn’t for my wife, I probably would have quit, retired, gone away, sold everything I had, and built a house in the middle of nowhere.” He also suggested that without the support of his family, he probably would have left Hollywood.


Alec blamed Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the film’s assistant weapons maker and props assistant, and assistant director Dave Halls, who gave him the gun, for the incident. He claims, “Someone loaded the gun with live ammunition.” ‘It was (Gutierrez Reed’s) job. Her job was to look at the ammunition and put in dummy rounds or blanks, and there were supposed to be no live rounds on the set.””I don’t want them to go to jail or have their lives made hell. I don’t want them to go to jail or have their lives made a living hell, but I want everyone to know that these two men are responsible for what happened.


In response, Halls’ lawyer commented in a statement that Baldwin is trying to shift the blame.