The “Star Wars” series will have more color variations of lightsabers in the upcoming sequels! Rey’s lightsaber in the sequel trilogy hints at…?


Last Updated on 12/31/2022 by てんしょく飯


The “Star Wars” sequel trilogy ended in 2019 by pointing the way to a new Jedi Order for Rey.



From now on, it will be interesting to see not only how the story unfolds, but also the colors of the characters’ lightsabers.

In the sequel trilogy, Rey was able to successfully defeat Emperor Palpatine, the head of the Sith, by gathering the power of the previous generation of Jedi. The shadow of the dark side was completely obliterated by light.


At this time, Rey’s lightsaber was a balanced “yellow” color, completely different from the blue of the Jedi and the red of the Sith.


What is of interest is the existence of the “Guyver Crystal” that is needed to make the lightsaber.


Many Jedi have been sent to the Crystal Cave on the ice planet Ilam to obtain their own lightsabers.


However, after the Clone Wars, the Imperial Army has taken control of the planet, and the resources of Ilam are being depleted.


Therefore, Rey must search for a new Guyver Crystal for the Jedi Order that she will be deployed to in the future.


In fact, kyber crystals can be found outside of the planet Ilam.


However, each type has slightly different characteristics. For example, some make a slightly different sound when their lightsabers appear, and others emit a shockwave when they hit something.


For this reason, it is said that the film about Rey’s Jedi Order will probably show her apprentices searching for new Guyver Crystal resources for a while.


If the story develops to the point where crystals that have not appeared before are used, it is safe to assume that future stories will have a rich variety of lightsabers.