Johnny Depp had a team of experts grooming him at the Cannes Film Festival, where his “brown teeth” were the talk of the town!


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Dior paid for his grooming.



Johnny Depp was given a makeover by a rather high-level team before he hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, Page Six reports.


A film insider said, “He was cleaned up” and revealed that Johnny was “groomed” by a team of experts in a luxury hotel suite.

At the world premiere of his film Jeanne du Barry, which opened the festival, Johnny wore a custom-made tuxedo by Dior designer Kim Jones. Johnny is the face of Dior’s men’s fragrance and has a three-year contract with the expensive company.


Another source said Depp was dressed up for the week by his long-time stylist Samantha McMillen.

-Samantha has also worked with Oscar winner and Cannes jury member Brie Larson and Elle Fanning. Sources say Johnny was also dressed in Dior at the film’s press conference and at a dinner with Dior and Moët & Chandon champagne. ‘Dior paid for his appearance,’ Page Six reports.


On the other hand, however, Johnny’s brown, stained teeth caused a lot of online controversy when he appeared on the red carpet, with Page Six noting that ‘fans have expressed their disgust at Johnny Depp’s rotten brown teeth’. It carries a variety of user comments. Comments such as ‘Why do I have to look at close-up pictures of Johnny Depp against my will’ and ‘It looks like someone grabbed Johnny Depp’s teeth and painted them black’ were seen.