Olivia Wilde on Why She Didn’t Play Harry Styles’ Wife in “Don’t Worry Darling” Reveals Why She Gave the Role to Florence Pugh


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Actress and director Olivia Wilde was originally slated to star in the psycho-thriller “Don’t Worry Darling,” but Florence Pugh ended up taking the role.



The most exciting young actress working today.


The film is Olivia’s second directorial effort, following her critically acclaimed directorial debut in “Booksmart.”

In the film, Florence Pugh plays Alice, a young housewife who moves with her husband Jack (Harry Styles) into a mysterious experimental community called The Victory Project. The film explores themes of gender roles, cults, psychological conditioning, and feminism. The film also stars Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Nick Kroll, with Olivia herself in a supporting role. However, she was originally slated to play the role of Florence.


In an interview with Variety magazine, Olivia revealed that she felt something was missing when she was cast in the lead role; at 38, Olivia is still in her prime, but she commented that she wanted the lead couple, Alice and Jack, to look like a young newlywed couple. And although the studio had considered someone else for the role, Olivia said she immediately knew who should take her place. She said, “I was blown away [by Flores]. I loved ‘Midsummer,’ but I loved her. She is extraordinary. I thought she was clearly the most exciting young actress working today.”


Interestingly, Florence was originally negotiated to play Bunny, but Bunny is being played by Olivia.


The film will be an official selection in the Out of Competition section of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, which runs from August 31 to September 10, with its world premiere on September 5 (local time), and will be released in Japan on November 11 (Friday).