Ariana Grande Lookalike Enters 18-Prohibited Site; Fans Boo Her


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Paige Niemann, known as Ariana Grande’s look-alike, has joined “OnlyFans,” a well-known 18-restricted site, and has been criticized by Ariana’s fans.



Paige Neiman opened an account on OnlyFans.


OnlyFans, which has been joined by numerous celebrities including Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Amber Rose, Tyga, Austin Mahone, and Chris Brown, is, as the name implies, a site that allows fans who pay a subscription fee to receive content that they “only (only) As the name suggests, OnlyFans is a social networking service that distributes content that can only be viewed by fans who pay a subscription fee. Since it is possible to upload adult content, the site has become famous as an “18-restricted site” where users can view “extreme” content that cannot be seen on other social networking services. Bella has become famous as an “18-restricted site” where users can view “extreme” content not available on other social networking sites.





Bella earned about $1 million in the first 24 hours after opening her account, and Cardi is said to have earned about $10 million in a month.


The newest person to join OnlyFans is Paige Niemann, known as Ariana Grande’s look-alike.




paige niemann(@paigeniemann)がシェアした投稿

Paige is an exact duplicate of Ariana, and has even received reactions from Ariana when she impersonated Cat Valentine, the character Ariana played in the drama “Victorious” in the past.


When it was reported that Paige would be joining OnlyFans, Ariana’s fans reacted furiously on social media. The fans could not tolerate Paige joining OnlyFans in an Ariana costume, saying, “Paige Nieman, starting OnlyFans (that’s fine) in an Ariana costume…. Team Ariana, sue this girl, I can’t go on any longer, it can’t be legal,” and “Ariana should sue Paige Neiman. She is entering OnlyFans in costume. Oh my God,” and other such appeals on social media.

Paige, on the other hand, clearly states on her OnlyFans account, “No cosplay or impersonation,” and insists that she is not impersonating Ariana.


However, the Paige in the icons and headers looks exactly like Ariana. Fans are concerned that because of the resemblance between Ariana and Paige, people will think that Ariana is distributing 18-rated content.