King Charles’ Favorite Food is “Boiled Eggs” Former Royal Chef Reveals His Focus on Meals


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The chef who was in charge of King Charles, 73, when he was the Crown Prince, recalled an episode in preparing the menu for a festive banquet. He revealed that he had a hard time making the menu because then-Prince Charles had food likes and dislikes, and that there were always small items on the table that he brought with him.



He liked to carry his own food with him.

Former royal chef Graham Tinsley shared his memories of King Charles’ meals in an exclusive interview with the British media outlet Hello!


Graham was the manager of the culinary team that catered royal events held throughout Wales, England. He is currently the executive chef at The Vines restaurant at Carden Park, a luxury hotel in Cheshire, England.


Graham recalls his time as a royal chef serving members of the royal family.


When King Charles was the Prince of Wales, he was in charge of preparing meals for the royal banquet.


Prince Charles did not like chocolate, coffee, or garlic. He said that he always had to take these factors into consideration when preparing the menu for the Prince.


According to him, Prince Charles (at the time) ordered a salad on the side at every meal, and he was especially fond of boiled eggs that had only been cooked for two or three minutes, so he always served them with his salad.


However, boiled eggs that were only heated for a short time were extremely soft and would crack in the middle, so he would make several boiled eggs at a time.


When the boiled eggs were finally peeled, they were ordered to be served hidden under lettuce and other leafy greens, and when they arrived at the table, the then Crown Prince would mash the eggs, mix them with the salad leaves, and eat them with mayonnaise.


Also, when then Prince Charles attended the feast, he always brought a container of salt from Maldon, a long-established salt manufacturer with a royal warrant, and his favorite cushion, which he always placed on the table.


Graham said, “You could easily tell where Charles would sit. Because there are always knick-knacks on the table that he brought with him,” he said.


The Daily Mail Online, a British media outlet, reported in the past that then-Prince Charles carries his favorite silk cushion to relieve back pain, as his back starts to ache after sitting for more than an hour.


Carolyn Robb, a former chef for the royal family, told the media, “He liked to carry his food with him. He didn’t want to take the risk of getting a stomach ache when he was busy,” he said.