Millie Bobby Brown of “Stranger Things” calls Mariah Carey “Mimi” and mentions the possibility of collaboration


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British actress Millie Bobby Brown (18), who shot to stardom with her breakout role in the Netflix drama series “Stranger Things,” has revealed that she has developed a friendship with Mariah Carey (52), a diva who is about the age difference between parents and children. Millie, who once sang with Mariah at a studio in her home, also mentioned the possibility of a collaboration with Mariah.



Millie Bobby Brown (18) opened up about her friendship with Mariah Carey

On October 27 (local time), Millie Bobby Brown appeared on the U.S. talk show “The Tonight Show” to promote “Enola Holmes 2,” the sequel to the Netflix original film scheduled for release on November 4, and opened up about her friendship with Mariah Carey.


Millie played the role of Eleven in “Stranger Things. She said that she and Mariah developed a friendship because Mariah’s twin children, Monroe and Moroccan, are big fans of “Eleven”. According to Millie, she felt “connected to Mariah just by meeting her.


Millie, who says Mariah “looks out for her,” calls Mariah “Mimi,” and they are close enough to call and text each other regularly. According to Millie, their bond was formed by the fact that they both found fame when they were young.


Mariah grew up in the public eye. I love the way Mariah is going through life so powerfully. She has a lot of knowledge and she’s very wise, and she’s a great role model for me.”


Millie herself spoke to in 2020 about growing up in the limelight: “I think I’m getting stronger.


I think I’m getting stronger. I think I’m getting stronger, but I’m still growing, so it’s hard to evaluate myself at this point.”


Millie revealed that Mariah sometimes starts singing out of the blue at casual occasions, such as dinner at home. When asked by the host if a musical collaboration between the two would be in the works, Millie hinted, “It’s a possibility in the future.


When asked if they would collaborate on music, Millie, who has sung with Mariah in her studio, hinted: “It could happen in the future. If I go and sing with her, like I sang with her in her studio, it’s a possibility.


As if to prove their close relationship, Millie and Mariah were seen hugging each other at the premiere of “Enola Holmes 2. Incidentally, Millie also appeared on the red carpet with her boyfriend, Jake Bon Jovi, and showed off her lovey-dovey side.