Ukrainian drone unit “Night is the time for R18” to find and bomb Russian troops at night and destroy them.


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Russian troops invade Ukraine in February 2022. Many offensive military drones are being utilized to attack Ukraine by Russian forces and to stop the invasion of Russian forces by Ukrainian forces. Many civilian drones are also used by both militaries for surveillance and reconnaissance.



Good night everyone, except the enemy Russian military!”



Recently, the Russian military has been using only Iranian-made attack drones to attack the capital city of Khiu, which is used by the Russian military. In the Ukrainian military, not only the Turkish-made drone “Bailaktar TB2,” but also the Polish-made “WARMATE” provided by the Polish government and the US-made “Switchblade” attack drone provided by the US Biden administration are used in actual combat to carry out many Russian military They have attacked tanks and other vehicles. Attacks by the Ukrainian-made PD-1, as well as bombings by the Ukrainian-made R18 attack drone, which is being developed by the Ukrainian military drone unit Aerorozvidka (Aerozvidka), have also contributed to Russian military attacks.


The R18, developed by Aerorozvidka, is a drone that attacks Russian troops at night. The R18 is equipped with a thermal camera, making it ideal for attacking Russian infantry fighting vehicles and other vehicles at night. Of course, the R18 is also used to attack Russian troops during the day. In particular, the R18 is used to destroy tanks and transport vehicles in the bush at night.


Most of the time, civilian drones are used for surveillance and reconnaissance, but the Ukrainian military has been loading civilian drones with bombs and dropping them on Russian troops, or ramming the drones into them and blowing them up. Most civilian drones are used during the daytime, with the “R18” being used at night.


Aerorozvidka, the official social networking site of Aerorozvidka, has posted a photo of an R18 drone and said, “Nighttime is the time for R18. It also posted, “Good night, everyone except the enemy Russian army! he posted.


The Ukrainian military has been using cameras mounted on drones to show videos and photos of the attack from above and of Russian tanks and transport vehicles that were blown up. Most of them were taken during daytime attacks by civilian drones, and not many nighttime bombing scenes have been released. Since daylight is brighter during the day, bombing scenes stand out and “buzz” on social networking sites, making them more appealing and more likely to be used in news reports.


There is no day or night in conflict zones, but at night it is harder for the enemy to see, making it more difficult for them to intercept an attack. For this reason, both militaries use attack drones at night. Not only the Ukrainian military but also the Russian military is attacking at night with Iranian-made attack drones.


The Sun, a British media outlet, reported a video of the Ukrainian military using the “R18” developed by the Ukrainian military to locate Russian military units at night and attack them from the sky.


▼ “R18” attack on Russian troops at night (British media The Sun)

▼”Night is where R18 comes in.”

▼”Good night everyone, except the enemy Russian army!”

▼ “R18” developed by Aerorozvidka