Qatar is already the worst host nation in history.


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The Qatar World Cup kicked off on November 20 (local time). Qatar, the host country of the World Cup, played Ecuador in the opening match of the month-long tournament.



The host nation’s dream turned into a nightmare.

The host country for the Middle East’s first World Cup was thought to be improving after winning the right to host the tournament in 2010 and beating Japan in the final to win the Asian Cup in 2019, but the South Americans, who are known for their defense but have scoring problems, took control of the match and almost took the lead. The British public broadcaster BBC reported that “the host nation’s dream turned into a nightmare. ……


The Telegraph, a daily newspaper in the same country, reported, “Was this the worst opening match in the history of the World Cup? Certainly, the match stats were terrible. The two teams combined for only 11 shots in the match (five for Qatar and six for Ecuador), fewer than in any opening match of any tournament since stats were first recorded in England in 1966. In addition to criticizing the match itself, he also made the following comments about the host nation.


Some guidebooks before the tournament began promised a Middle Eastern version of Tiki Taka, but hopes were dashed early on. Ecuador was a nasty strongman and spoiled the night in Qatar. From the outset of the match, the host nation’s players were intimidated by the tackles of their opponents, and Akram Afif, who had shown great promise up front, fell tremendously deep. And a series of goals by Enel Valencia put the visitors ahead by two goals in 31 minutes.”


The Guardian also wrote, “They led 0-2 by halftime, playing at a level beyond their capacity and carrying all the weight,” and “Qatar will be the worst host nation in World Cup history. Will it become clear that this is what is in store? No. They are already, by far, the worst host nation in history,” he cut down.


The media criticized Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup, which is also involved in human rights issues and allegations of bribery, and described the 67,000-seat Al Bait Stadium, where the opening ceremony was held, as “a grotesque and unnecessary monument to human vanity. It also describes the stadium as a “mausoleum for lost lives” and a “bloodstained structure” because of the many lives lost in the construction of the infrastructure.

After the opening ceremony, which the media described as “unrealistic,” the media captured many of the players frowning as they walked onto the pitch and speculated that they were mentally overwhelmed. Qatar was terrible in the early stages. They were restless, rough, and their passing was inaccurate. (The goalkeeper [who conceded the penalty] was insane,” but he also expressed sympathy, writing, “Imagine the pressure they are under.

AS, a major Spanish sports newspaper, reported, “Qatar risks becoming the worst World Cup host nation in history if it does not perform well in its subsequent matches against Senegal and the Netherlands. The current holders of that title are South Africa (2010), who are the only team to have missed out on the next round after finishing third on goal difference with Mexico (and the same number of points). Qatar, however, could be the first host nation to fail to earn a point in the group phase and will be hoping to raise the bar even higher,” the report said.

Felix Sanchez said, “This result was clearly not the one we wanted. There is a lot of room for improvement. We did not play at our highest level. Perhaps it was the responsibility and the pressure. We have to overcome that and play with intensity.

Qatar has had the ignominy of being the first host nation in history to lose its first match in the historic World Cup, which began in 1930 and has been played 20 times so far.