Why did the German national team hide the captain’s mark? Qatar World Cup, what is the issue surrounding the armband?


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Behind Japan’s dramatic 2-1 victory over Germany in their first match at the Qatar World Cup, Germany’s captain Manuel Neuer wore his captain’s mark in a way that was not clearly visible. This article explains the problems surrounding the captain’s mark at the Qatar World Cup.



Germany’s Manuel Neuer covers his mouth in a commemorative photo and Manuel Neuer protests with his armband.


On November 23 (Japan time), the first match of the Japanese national soccer team at the Qatar World Cup was held against the German national team, and the Japanese team won dramatically, 2-1. Before the game began, the starting lineup was photographed, as is customary, and the 11 members of the German team posed for the photo with their hands covering their mouths.

Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, the captain of the German national team, was photographed in such a way that the captain’s mark on his left arm was not visible. Love” armbands on the pitch at this year’s World Cup, which is a statement against discrimination, was effectively banned by the organizer, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).


In Qatar, laws that persecute the rights of LGBTQ+ people and women have been an issue, as well as inhumane treatment of migrant workers, with some 6,500 migrant workers reportedly dead and wages unpaid from the decision to host the World Cup to the present. Meanwhile, FIFA has stated that it may impose sanctions for wearing the “One Love” armband.

The German Football Association issued a statement on the intent of the photo shoot. The German Football Association issued a statement on the intent of the photo shoot, stating that support for human rights is a pre-political activity in the first place.


It is not intended as a political statement. Human rights are non-negotiable. Human rights are non-negotiable, they should be taken for granted, and yet they are still not considered important. Therefore, this message was important to us. To block our armbands is to block our voices. We stand by our stance.”

The “No Discrimination” armband worn by Manuel Neuer is from FIFA

Neuer initially considered wearing the “One Love” armband at the World Cup, but finally decided to wear the armband with “No Discrimination” painted on it against Japan in order to avoid the possibility of a yellow card as a sanction. Since this is the official armband of FIFA, Neuer chose to wear it in a way that was not clearly visible, showing his intention to protest FIFA even in the way the armband was wrapped.

The national teams of Germany, England, Norway, Wales, Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland had declared their intention to wear the “One Love” armband prior to the start of the tournament, but announced in a joint statement that they would no longer wear it after FIFA indicated that it might be sanctioned.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, the armband has been selling like hotcakes worldwide after FIFA sanctioned the “One Love” armband at the World Cup in Qatar. Badge Direct BV, the Dutch company that produces the armbands, reports that it has received over 10,000 orders in less than two weeks and is temporarily out of stock.


The “One Love” armband was originally conceived by the Dutch Football Association in 2020 as a statement against “all forms of discrimination” including race, color, sexual orientation, culture, faith, nationality, gender, and age. The Qatar World Cup has also drawn criticism from David Beckham, who has been Qatar’s ambassador for a huge contract to promote the World Cup.