Qatar World Cup】”It’s obvious he’s innocent,” flooded with accusations against Mexican hero Canelo, who “threatened” the overjoyed Messi: “Did you think you were protecting your country?


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The Argentinean genius has been unexpectedly criticized for his casual behavior in the midst of the jubilation.


The incident took place during the Qatar World Cup, a tournament that is being hotly contested on a daily basis. Argentina’s 2-0 win over Mexico in the second round of Group C on November 26 (local time) was the first time the Argentinian team had faced Saudi Arabia in a World Cup match. The victory was a “come-from-behind” victory for the team, which had been devastated by a surprise loss to Saudi Arabia in their first match.



The Argentine prodigy came under unexpected criticism for his casual behavior in the midst of the jubilation.

After the game, Argentina’s ace Lionel Messi, who scored one goal and assisted another, was jubilant with his teammates. Today is our first game,” he said as he headed to the locker room, where he danced around with his colleagues and his coach, singing “Muchachos,” a well-known Argentinean cheer chant.


While this was going on, Messi sat down on a seat and began to take off his spikes. The “hero of the country” was offended by this. Saul Alvarez, aka “Canelo,” the four-time world boxing champion, wrote on his Twitter account, “Did you see Messi wiping the floor with our uniform and flag? He should pray to God that I don’t find him.


Perhaps he was also shocked by the defeat his country suffered. Canelo also claimed, “In the first place, it is an insult when you drop Mexico’s uniform on the ground. Canelo also accused the “genius” of treating the losers’ uniforms with disrespect.


However, as far as the controversial scene is concerned, there is no indication that Messi intentionally handled the enemy’s uniforms in a crude manner. To put it bluntly, it would be more accurate to say that he stepped on it by accident.


Hence, Canelo was criticized. The Spanish newspaper Marca, which carried an article titled “Canelo threatened” said, “It is clear that Messi is innocent. The fact that his uniform was on the floor in the first place was due to the euphoria of the players in celebration of their victory. David Fightelson, a Mexican journalist for the U.S. sports broadcaster ESPN, added, “Canelo, you think that makes you the protector of your country? Don’t act like a clown. That role doesn’t suit you. You should be a serious boxer.


Canelo was “burned” for denouncing Messi. He also tweeted, “I’m willing to be a bad guy for my country.