The British Royal Family had an unexpected article of clothing that they “must” take with them when they stay abroad! What is the reason why this rule started…?


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The Royal Family of the United Kingdom has a “must-have” set of clothes when they stay overnight abroad or far away from home.



This rule was initiated by Queen Elizabeth in 1952.

According to Jessica Stroschuk, an expert on royal history, who spoke to Page Six, queens are required to bring a “black ensemble” with them when they travel overnight. The same person said, “Members of the British royal family are required to bring a black ensemble when they travel. This is always with the possibility that the monarch or other senior royals may die while traveling,” he said, revealing that they must bring a black top and bottom to be able to respond in the event of someone’s death while traveling.


This rule began when Queen Elizabeth lost her father, King George VI, during a royal visit to Kenya in 1952. She was in Kenya at the time and did not have appropriate mourning attire.


Jessica says, “Queen Elizabeth returned to England after the sudden death of her father, King George VI, and had to wait until appropriate black clothing was brought on the plane. Rather than wait for the black clothes, she thought it would be much easier and simpler to simply put them in her suitcase,” she said.


Speaking of royal sojourns abroad, Prince William and Princess Catherine are currently in Boston, U.S., for three days, where they will attend the Earthshot Awards ceremony on December 2, where they will present awards to the winners and Prince William will address the audience. Princess Catherine is said to be bringing a black ensemble for this stay as well.