Qatar World Cup】Serbia led by Stojkovic is confused by scandal! The gem of a FW is outraged by reports of an affair with the wife of his second goalkeeper: “It’s totally ridiculous!”


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The super talented attacker is furious. The Serbian national team’s FW, Dušan Vlahović, who is currently participating in the Qatar World Cup, is angry.



He is having an affair with his wife, a teammate of the national team.

The 22-year-old point scorer has played only 24 minutes for Serbia, which is in last place in Group G with one point, due to injury. He has not been able to play the role that was expected of him before the tournament. In this frustrating situation, an unexpected allegation has surfaced. He is having an affair with his wife, who is a teammate of the national team.

According to the Daily Mail and other European media, Vlahovic is having an affair with Ana Kakić, the wife of Serbia’s second goalkeeper Predrak Rajkovic, and the affair is disrupting team harmony.


Serbia is in danger of being eliminated from the group. The report, which seems to have put Serbia on the brink of elimination from the group, spread quickly, and has sparked a variety of speculation on social networking sites. Vlahovic, of course, flatly denied this, saying at a press conference on November 30, “This is completely ridiculous. We are more united than ever.


I will take legal action to protect my reputation and integrity. This is not the first time this has happened. It’s ridiculous that I was hoping people would support my team before such an important game, and now I’m being forced to talk about something that has nothing to do with it.


Vlahovic continued, “The people who report and spread such things have empty careers and have accomplished nothing in their lives,” he said angrily.


However, domestic unrest continues to grow. The Serbian newspaper Nportal reported, “The harmony of the team is being disturbed, sparked by conspiracy theories. The players’ wives are said to have caused friction between some of the players and coach Stojkovic.


Vlahovic, who claimed that “everything is a lie,” will be able to make amends in the “head-to-head” matchup with Switzerland, which is tied for second place in the group and trails by two points. Depending on the outcome, the headwinds may only get stronger.