Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Criticize Royal Officials in New Trailer for Documentary Netflix Announces Release Date


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A new trailer for Netflix’s documentary about Prince Harry and Princess Meghan has been released. The video captures a happy Princess Meghan, engaged to Prince Harry, as she changes after joining the royal family. It suggests that criticism of the queen was orchestrated by royal staff and features the prince accusing her of “playing dirty games. It was announced that the program will be distributed in two parts this month.



The first three episodes will be released on December 8.




Netflix US(@netflix)がシェアした投稿

Netflix’s official social networking site released a new trailer for the Prince Harry and Princess Meghan documentary “Harry & Meghan” on December 5 local time.


The first trailer, which was unveiled on the first of this month, showed a joyful everyday scene in California, followed by footage moving to the British royal era, showing a crying Princess Meghan.


The newly released trailer then begins with scenes of Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement and happiness at the royal wedding. It explains that Princess Meghan received a warm welcome from the British public and was treated like a “royal rock star.


But later, when Princess Meghan is shown standing on the balcony with the royal family at Queen Elizabeth’s birthday parade, “Trooping the Colour,” Prince Harry says that “everything has changed” and that “there is class in the royal family. There are leaks, but there are even set-up stories,” says the audio.


Next, after showing attacks from the media and Meghan holding her eldest son, Archie, the scene changes to a female journalist confessing that there have been attacks on Meghan to fit in with other people’s plans.


Prince Harry then said, “This is a dirty game,” and a male commentator was shown accusing the queen of “these are hateful and racial,” suggesting that the criticism of the queen was orchestrated by royal staff.


This was followed by several shots of the living Princess Diana being pursued by the media.


Prince Harry said, “This is the pain and anguish of a woman married into such an organization,” and Princess Meghan said, “I have noticed. After an audio clip of Prince Harry saying, “They will never, ever protect you,” we move to a scene of the Queen wiping away tears.


The video ends with Prince Harry appearing and saying, “We know the whole truth.


The six-episode show will be divided into two parts, with the first three episodes to be released on December 8, and the remaining three on December 15.