Peruvian President Castillo Removed from Office, Taken into Custody by National Police


Last Updated on 12/08/2022 by てんしょく飯


The Congress of Peru, South America, has removed President Castillo from office.



Shortly after, Mr. Castillo was taken into custody by the National Police.

Castillo assumed the presidency in July last year, but his administration had been unstable due to conflicts with Congress over allegations of corruption and other issues.


According to Reuters and other sources, Peru’s Congress passed an impeachment motion against Castillo on December 7. Castillo was removed from office and Vice President Borarte became Peru’s first female president.


Prior to the vote on impeachment, Castillo announced his intention to dissolve Congress and hold elections. However, several cabinet ministers resigned one after another in protest, and Peru’s Constitutional Court also condemned the move as a “coup d’etat.


Currently, Mr. Castillo is in the custody of the National Police for disturbing the constitutional order.