What happens when you order a cheeseburger “without everything” at McDonald’s?


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What happens when you order a cheeseburger “without everything” at McDonald’s?



What you get when you order a “skip all” cheeseburger at McDonald’s


At McDonald’s, you can order your own original burger by using a secret technique to increase or remove toppings. However, since the bun and beef patty, which are the most important parts of the burger, can also be “skipped,” there have been cases in the past overseas where customers intended to order a burger without pickles and onions for delivery, but accidentally skipped everything but the ketchup, and only the ketchup arrived in the delivery box. In the past, there have been cases where the customer ordered a hamburger without pickles and onions.


A man in Texas ordered a McDonald’s cheeseburger without mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, cheese, beef patty, bun, and salt using DoorDash, a food delivery service.

In other words, without everything = nothing. How did McDonald’s respond to this strange order? According to the man, the bag he received from McDonald’s was not empty, but contained only the “wrapping paper for the cheeseburger.

The cheeseburger is not free, even if all the wrappers are removed. In addition to the $1.89 fee for the cheeseburger, the man also gave a $6 tip to the DoorDash delivery person, for a total of about $15 for the “cheeseburger wrapper.


The man responded to criticism that he intentionally ordered a “cheeseburger without everything” by saying, “My local McDonald’s pays its staff $15 an hour. I’d rather be creating jobs.