McDonald’s “Unusual way to ask for L-size fries” is called “genius


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A new way to ask for McDonald’s fries: L-size fries are L-size fries, but there’s something different about them!



McDonald’s fries, size L is size L, but…


McDonald’s, a major fast food chain, boasts the overwhelming popularity of McFrench fries, which are more popular than the regular menu items such as the royal hamburger, cheeseburger, and the hearty Big Mac. Many people think, “I might gain weight if I eat this much,” or “It looks bad for my health,” but once they try them, the addictive taste keeps them coming back for more, and many have even devoured a large portion.


There are many people who have devoured a large portion of McFrench fries. The controversial request was introduced on the TikTok account of Hellthy Junk Food (@hellthyjunkfood), which asks customers to order their fries in an L-size drink cup instead of a regular container.

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But why do you need to have them put them in a drink cup? The answer is to place them in the drink holder in the car to make it easier to eat fries while driving. The McDonald’s waiter who took the order seemed puzzled by the request and asked, “What for?” The man who received the fries seemed puzzled, but seemed convinced when he saw the man place them in the drink holder.


The video received some positive comments from viewers, such as, “Genius! I didn’t know there was such a thing as this,” and the video has received over 900,000 likes. Some pointed out that the regular container would fit in the drink holder, but since potato crumbs and salt can leak out through the gaps in the regular container, some followed up by saying that this was a better way to go.


Incidentally, the TikTok account of Hellthy Junk Food, which released the video, also featured a hack to get a 20-pack of Chicken McNuggets in an L-size drink cup as well.