Man Orders Fries at McDonald’s and is Shocked by What He Discovers


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What did a man who ordered L-size fries at McDonald’s discover?



McDonald’s fries, when you order L size fries…?


McDonald’s is a popular hamburger chain around the world, and many people must think of side dishes such as French fries and chicken nuggets when asked what their favorite food at McDonald’s is. Many people have ordered L-size fries, which are perfectly thin and salty, when they are hungry or want to share. However, there is a certain suspicion about the quantity of the L size…


In a video that went viral on TikTok, showing the fries being prepared, he says, “Don’t open all the containers. It is claimed that the clerk is intentionally keeping the contents small, as the comment “more fries can be put in for others” was written.


In fact, this has been told many times by Internet users claiming to be McDonald’s employees, and five years ago, a self-proclaimed McDonald’s employee posted on the US message board site Reddit that he had engaged in similar behavior.

Of course, it is unclear whether these claims are true. At least not what is taught at all McDonald’s, and McDonald’s USA said in 2017, “There are no secrets or tricks as whispered in the street. We have strict procedures in place to ensure that our boxes and bags of fries are properly filled in order to serve our world-famous fries to our customers in the best possible manner,” the statement read, and other waitstaff have expressed their opinion not to spread annoying lies.


However, the aforementioned Reddit user did in fact do it. However, the Reddit user mentioned above did in fact do it, and even revealed that he stopped after one embarrassing experience.


Only one customer pointed it out to me,” he said. He took the fries out of the container and put them back in. He took the fries out of the container and put them back in, and I had to give him more fries because they were only half full. (I was impressed (with the man) and embarrassed. Seven years have passed since that incident, and I can still remember his face.”


The waiter said he was quite embarrassed because he thought he wouldn’t be found out, but he was. It is said that the reason why the fries are not packed tightly is so that they do not become soggy, but as expected, half the amount in the container is not enough. There have been various suspicions about the L-size fries, but is it largely due to the behavior of the store or the individual clerk?