McDonald’s “Happy Set for Adults” Sells Out


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McDonald’s in the U.S. has launched a Happy Set for adults. What’s inside?



McDonald’s USA launches “Happy Set for Adults


McDonald’s in the U.S. has started to sell “Happy Sets for Adults”. There is no age limit for the Happy Set, so adults can purchase it as well. So, what is the difference between this Happy Set for adults and the regular Happy Set?





The main items in the regular Happy Sets sold at McDonald’s in the U.S. are a hamburger, a 4-pack of nuggets, and a 6-pack of nuggets. On the other hand, the main part of the Happy Set for adults is a Big Mac or a 10-pack of nuggets, which is a volume suitable for adults. The same fries and drink are included on the side, but the drink menu of the regular Happy Set is geared toward children, so the drink choices for the Happy Set for adults are different.


The extra “toys” that are the best part of Happy Sets also have adult versions. According to NBC, a highly collectible figure made in collaboration with the popular streetwear brand “Cactus Plant Flea Market” will be included. Birdie, and the original character, Cactus Buddy.

The brand is created by Cynthia Lou, a former assistant to rapper Pharrell Williams, and has garnered attention in the past for its collaborations with popular rappers such as Kanye West and Travis Scott. Cactus Plant Flea Market is also designing Happy Set boxes for adults.


According to Insider, some stores are “sold out” of Happy Set boxes and toys soon after the launch. Some stores are “sold out” of Happy Set boxes and toys soon after its release, according to Insider.