[MLB] Shohei Ohtani is sure to be one of the top 15 highest paid players in 2023, to go over 200 from last season’s 219th place.


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On October 1 last year, he signed a one-year contract worth $30 million (about 4.05 billion yen). This was a significant increase from last season’s $5.5 million, and he became the first Japanese player to reach the $30 million mark.



Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani (28)’s salary for this 2023 season is sure to be in the top 15.

As of December 30, he was tied for 14th on the salary list, which does not include contract payments.


As of December 30, he was tied for 14th on the salary list, not including contracts, and most of the big-name FA players have already decided to leave.


Aaron Judge (30), who hit 62 homers, a new A-League record, also remained as an FA, with an annual salary of $40 million x 9 years. Still, there have been only a little more than 20 players, including Otani, with a salary of $30 million per year. Even for this season alone, with the exception of Otani, the only players above $30 million are all FA players who have been in the majors at least once. This shows the unusual “salary increase.


And this season is Ohtani’s sixth year in the majors to fulfill his FA rights. There is a possibility that he will sign a contract extension with the Angels, but he will become a FA in the off-season. Because he is the one and only player who can play both pitching and hitting, it is reported that his contract could be worth $500 million, not to mention the record high of $426 million over 12 years (¥57.5 billion) that his colleague Trout will sign with the Angels starting in 2007. It is likely to develop into a battle with astronomical money flying around.