Michael J. Fox finally gets to know Christopher Lloyd as Doc in the final film “Back to the Future 3”! What is Christopher’s special talent that Michael was so frightened of…?


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Actor Michael J. Fox co-starred with actor Christopher Lloyd in the 1985 science fiction film “Back to the Future. Michael played the main character, high school student Marty, and Christopher Lloyd played his friend, scientist Doc.



Michael J. Fox talks about his friendship with that co-starring actor.


The two appeared as a great duo in the two sequels that were made afterward, and have since remained strong friends in their private lives for many years.


Michael recently appeared at the “2023 Sundance Film Festival. He spoke about his feelings toward Christopher.


In an interview with Variety magazine, he said of Christopher, “Chris is a wonderful guy. He’s also a very mysterious guy,” Michael said. It wasn’t until Back to the Future Part 3 (1990) that I made a special connection with him that I hadn’t made in the first two films. I finally got to know his love for acting. I didn’t understand it before,” he continued.


Michael talks about his friendship with Christopher.

Michael added, “We were knee to knee talking about acting, and when we got to Shakespeare and King Lear, Chris could play King Lear! Who would have thought he could do that? He’s full of surprises,” he said in praise of Chris.


He can tell the story of a movie in two seconds,” Michael said. We actors usually have to spend hours and hours to get the information out. But Chris is good at it. He loves movies and he loves being an actor. He’s not just some crazy guy. He is an artist.