Emily Ratajkowski, almost fully nude, floating in the air! Performs double-bodied wire action!


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Model Emily Ratajkowski (31) released a “video of her floating in the air almost fully nude” on Instagram.



Emily has been making headlines lately for her love life.




Emily Ratajkowski(@emrata)がシェアした投稿

She took to her Instagram to show a behind-the-scenes look at her new photoshoot. In the same post, Emily, almost fully nude and harnessed, shows off her stunning wire action.


Women’s Health, a U.S. lifestyle magazine, also featured Emily’s video on its site. The magazine noted that “Emily’s legs, arms, and hips are so toned that it takes a lot of core strength to hold her body in a slanting position wearing only a harness.


Emily, who double-dipped in “full nudity” and “stunts,” captioned the post, “I’ll do the stunts myself,” and her followers wrote, “You look like Tom Cruise,” “Very cool! You’re great and brave. You’re great and brave,” “Wow!


Emily has confessed in past interviews that she is careful about her exercise and diet. It is probably because of her daily routine that she was able to perform stunts similar to those of Tom Cruise this time and that her body is so stunningly beautiful.