Prince Harry, who did not get to see Queen Elizabeth die, reveals his “last words” to the Queen


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Prince Harry reflects on the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in his memoir, Spare.



Prince Harry’s “Last Words” to Queen Elizabeth


In his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry of the British Royal Family reveals his “last words” to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who passed away last September.


As many of you know, Prince Harry, who left the royal family at the end of March 2020, is currently living in the United States, the home country of his wife, Meghan. When Queen Elizabeth’s health suddenly changed, Prince Harry, who happened to be back in the U.K. on business, changed his plans quickly and headed for Scotland, but he arrived at Balmoral Castle, where the Queen was staying, about an hour after her passing was announced.

Prince Harry recalled the moment he met Queen Elizabeth’s body in “Spare” as follows: “I was anxious to go forward and see her.


“I went forward anxiously and looked at her [Queen Elizabeth]. I remained still for a while, staring at her. Then I whispered to her, ‘I hope you are happy,’ and ‘I hope you are with your grandfather [the late King Philip] now.'”


He also told her that he “saluted her for fulfilling her duties to the end,” including the platinum jubilee (the celebration of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne) and the appointment of a new prime minister.


Prince Harry learned of Queen Elizabeth’s death on the news.


When Prince Harry was informed by telephone from his father King Charles that Queen Elizabeth’s health was deteriorating, he immediately contacted his brother Prince William to ask how he could get to Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s resting place. What about his wife, Lady Catherine? He asked him about these questions.


A few hours later, the entire family, including Prince William, boarded a plane together to Scotland, where Balmoral Castle is located, but Prince Harry was not invited. In “Spare,” Prince Harry revealed that he learned of Queen Elizabeth’s death not from her family but from the BBC news.


As the plane started to descend, I saw my cell phone light up,” he said. It was a message from Meg [Meghan]. I went to the BBC website. My grandmother had passed away. And my father had become king.”


When he arrived at Balmoral Castle, he was greeted by Princess Anne, the eldest daughter of Queen Elizabeth and aunt to Prince Harry, who told him that although he could not meet the Queen in death, they were able to spend a few moments alone. She told the U.S. documentary program “60 Minutes,” in which she appeared to promote “Spare.