Shazam!” Zachary Levi’s critical tweets about pharmaceutical giant Pfizer sparked a firestorm! Shazam! The sequel will be released in about a month and a half… How will it be promoted?


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DC movie “Shazam!” and other films, actor Zachary Levi, 42, posted a tweet critical of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer early Sunday morning, January 29, local time.



The tweet has earned Zachary Levi a lot of online flak.


Zachary tweeted that he “vehemently agrees” with the controversy, citing a post by an anti-vaccine account asking if Pfizer is “really a danger to the world.”

Although Zachary expressed his personal opinion, he is now a figure within the Warner Bros. brand, and this firestorm could have a significant impact on his promotional efforts for his films. Zachary stars in “Shazam! The sequel to “Shazam! ~Wrath of the Gods~” is set to open on Friday, March 17, 2023 (simultaneous release in the U.S. and Japan).

Recently, Warner has also been facing a furor related to its star Ezra Miller, who is scheduled to appear in the upcoming $250 million superhero film “The Flash. Speaking of Ezra, he pleaded guilty to trespassing for breaking into his neighbor’s house in Vermont and stealing liquor.


Also last December, Superman star Henry Cavill withdrew from his return as Superman just days after a major overhaul at DC Studios. With such a number of shocking news stories about actors related to DC movies, there have been a number of people concerned about Zachary’s comments.


Shortly after the firestorm, Zachary reposted another tweet from a link titled “DOJ Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in History,” which was shared in 2009. He added a sad face emoji: “Just an example of what I’m talking about…”

But this, too, immediately drew a backlash from social media users. I was actually kind of excited about your movie when I got here. But no. Now I don’t support it anymore,” and other comments were seen.