In 1987, the youth music movie “SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD”, which colors the summer night of five young people with the Smiths’ masterpiece, was released in December.


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In 1987, the Japanese title of the youth music movie “SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD”, in which five young people searched for themselves and colored the wandering night with the famous songs of The Smiths, was decided as “Shop Lifters of the World”. It will be released in December.




Denver, Colorado in the summer of 1987. Cleo, who works at a supermarket, is shocked by the news of the dissolution of his beloved The Smiths and appeals to record shop Dean, “I want the people in the town to know that it’s important.”


Dean invites Cleo to go on a date, but Cleo goes to see his friend. Dean, alone, goes to a local heavy metal radio station and points a gun at the DJ, saying, “Play The Smiths song!”


In this work, which includes a number of masterpieces of The Smiths, a legendary band that swept the British music scene in the 1980s with a bitter and unique style, and valuable interview videos, including the title “Shop Lifters” More than 20 songs such as the representative songs “There Is a Light”, “This Charming Man” and “The Boy With the Thorns in the Heart” are used, and you can see the young Morrissey who talks about the relationship with the members and the dissolution. be able to.


In addition, the fashion and atmosphere of the 1980s are beautifully reproduced, and it is a gem of a youth music movie that depicts anxiety about the future and the moment of a young man looking for himself.


Inspired by the long-held “The Smiths fan radio station Jack Incident,” Stephen Kijak, who has a reputation for music films such as “WE ARE X” and “JACO,” directed this film.


The role of Dean, who jacks the radio station, is played by Ellar Coltrane of “Until I’m 6 Years Old,” and the role of “Shop Lifter” Cleo, who Dean secretly falls in love with, is Netflix’s popular series “Social Distance.” Helena Howard serves.


Elena Kampouris plays the role of Sheila, who completes the fashion of Madonna, Cleo’s three companions. Up-and-coming young actors such as Sheila’s boyfriend, James Bloor as Patrick, and Nick Krause as Billy, who will be the catalyst for everyone to gather, will gather.


Joe Manganiello from the “True Blood” series will play the role of radio station DJ Miki, who is surprised by Dean’s assault but shows his understanding.