Kissmark on the neck, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on a hand-held date



Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, who have been dating for a long time, were caught holding hands and dating.



Kim dating in Pete’s car


Kim Kardashian’s enthusiastic rumors emerged when a photo of a roller coaster holding hands was released after kissing and becoming a hot topic during the control of the American longevity program “Saturday Night Live”. And Pete Davidson.

Initially, the people involved denied the rumors of love as friends, but then Kim held Pete’s birthday party at his mother, Kris Jenner’s house.

At the birthday party, Kim and Pete wear pajamas sold by SKIMS, a foundation garment brand produced by Kim. Moreover, Pete wore the tops and Kim wore the bottoms, shared the same pajamas, and was witnessed having a hand-held date the next day.

It was caught that Kim and Pete were enjoying a date in Los Angeles. Kim sits in the passenger seat of the luxury car Lamborghini driven by Pete and chats happily with Pete.




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After getting out of the car, Pete and Kim held their hands tightly and headed for the store they were looking for.


At that time, there was something like a trace of internal bleeding on Pete’s neck. This mark was a kiss mark, and there was a lot of noise around SNS, and Pete’s neck got a lot of attention.

Pete seems to be dating Kim while staying in Los Angeles, leaving New York, where he is currently based, suggesting that his relationship is going well.