The cream favored by Hailey Bieber and Nicola Peltz is only $28! What is the skincare product that can be purchased in Japan that will leave your skin calm and moisturized?


Last Updated on 02/22/2023 by てんしょく飯


Model Hailey Bieber, wife of popular singer Justin Bieber, and actress Nicola Peltz, wife of David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn Beckham, love a $28 (about 3,800 yen) skin cream.



According to BYRDIE, a beauty information provider, Nicola recently posted a photo of “Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream” from “Avène” on her Instagram story with the text, “I love this product so much. She revealed that she is quite fond of the product.

Avène is a skincare brand born in the south of France. The cream that NICOLA uses can be purchased in Japan.

In the same post, Nicola said, “My skin is sensitive and sometimes very dry. Sometimes (most nights), after doing all the other steps, I smear this all over my face. I have been using it for months because it doesn’t irritate my skin at all, even though my skin tends to get rough when I use products that don’t suit it.


BYRDIE” introduced “Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream” as “a must-have for French beauties. The reason for this is “because it is versatile. The glycerin and beeswax in the product lock moisture into the skin, while the postbiotics (metabolites of intestinal bacteria that have a positive effect on people’s health) restore the skin to its original state.


It also contains Avene Thermal Spring Water, which is known for its skin-healing properties, and minerals that soften redness and increase the skin’s moisture level, according to the company. The company also notes that the product is non-comedogenic (meaning that it is a cosmetic product that prevents the formation of acne) and fragrance-free, etc., making it safe for use by adults, children, and infants.


Hailey Bieber also raved about Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream last year, saying, “I will love this product forever. She even said, “I will love this product for the rest of my life.”