Selena Gomez’s as-is ‘skinny’ photo is an appeal to her old friend Miley Cyrus! Fans are speculating as to why Miley’s tag in the caption has caught the attention of fans.


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Miley Cyrus may have been the inspiration behind Selena Gomez’s ‘skinny’ post.



On Monday 13 March, singer and actress Selena Gomez updated her Instagram and posted two selfies in which she appeared to be wearing no make-up at all.




Selena Gomez(@selenagomez)がシェアした投稿

Selena is the only person in the photos posted. But strangely, for some reason, Miley Cyrus’ account is tagged.


The caption is accompanied only by ‘Violet Chemistry’, which is one of the songs from Miley’s latest album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’, which was just released on 10 March.


Miley Cyrus – Violet Chemistry (Audio)

In the song, Miley says: “Stay awhile, stay awhile with me/ Stay awhile, don’t deny the violet chemistry/ Stay awhile, stay awhile with me/ Stay awhile, put your arms around me/ Put them around me”, she sings.


It is not known why Selena associated Miley with her own sultry photos.


In addition to comments praising her for being “so beautiful” and “natural beauty”, the post also received comments such as “I love you both” and “Are you guys collaborating?” because she mentioned Miley. and “Maybe they’re going to collaborate?”.


This is not the first time Selena has mentioned Miley’s music on her social networking sites.


Earlier this year, when she posted a video on TikTok introducing her beauty routine, she used Miley’s song ‘Never Be Me’, to the delight of her fans.