Vanessa Hudgens awkwardly bumps into ex-boyfriend Austin Butler, and what she thinks of the online reaction…


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On the night of the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, Vanessa Hudgens bumped into her long-time ex-boyfriend Austin Butler.



The two looked awkward and the internet was abuzz with excitement, but Vanessa herself commented on this.


On 12 March, the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, the world’s most prestigious film festival, was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, USA. Vanessa participated as an interviewer in a special programme broadcast just before the awards ceremony. Austin, meanwhile, was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in the film Elvis, for which he received high praise.


The two inadvertently bumped into each other at the Vanity Fair after-party after the Oscars, and videos posted on social networking sites show Vanessa, who had noticed Austin’s presence, “trying to walk past him just naturally while looking at her phone. “, and Austin, who notices her, briefly looks in Vanessa’s direction.

Vanessa and Austin dated from 2011 to 2020. It was actually Vanessa who strongly encouraged Austin to play the role of Elvis Presley, which became a hit role for him.


When the video was released, people on social media wrote: “They used to be a beautiful couple. They used to be a beautiful couple, but things change sometimes”, “I think I would have done the same thing”, “We don’t talk anymore”, “They were together for nine years. It probably didn’t end amicably,” “You’re obviously pretending to operate your phone,” “Life is cruel and heartless to love someone for ten years and then pass each other off as if you were strangers,” “He looked sad,” etc.


According to US Insider, after the aforementioned video went viral, Vanessa posted on her Instagram story, “Guys, let’s just talk about peace”, quoting human rights campaigner Malala Yousufzai, who said during the Academy Awards, “I only talk about peace”.


Vanessa is currently engaged to baseball player Cole Tucker, while Austin is also dating model Kaia Gerber. As they are all happy with different partners, Vanessa wants fans to stop obsessing over the awkward potluck with Austin any longer.