Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello ‘date at home’, caught prepping


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Former couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello followed up their “Coachella kiss” and “hand-holding date” with a date at home. We caught Shawn getting ready beforehand.



Shawn Mendes’ home alone with Shawn Mendes


Singer Shawn Mendes was caught on paparazzi shopping at a supermarket. In addition to groceries, Shawn also bought flowers at the supermarket. According to Page Six, about 30 minutes after the photo was taken, singer Camila Cabello was seen entering Shawn’s home, and the two enjoyed a “date at home”.

As many of you know, Shawn and Camila, who were originally close friends, developed a romantic relationship after the release of their second collaboration, ‘Senorita’, in 2019. The relationship appeared to be going well, with rumours of an engagement, but they broke up about two years later in November 2021.


After that, there were rumours of a new romance between the two, and there were no signs of them getting back together, but the possibility of a resurgent love affair emerged when they were spotted kissing in public at the music festival Coachella about a week ago. At the time, a source who gave testimony to Page Six in the US said that Camila and Shawn were not back together at the moment and that the kiss was a “one-off”, but they were also seen on a “hand-holding date” a few days ago, and the theory that they are back together is becoming more and more real. The theory that they are getting back together is becoming more and more realistic.


The couple have been seen “hand-in-hand” a few days ago, making the idea of them getting back together more and more realistic. They are holding hands, laughing together, it’s so cute to watch and they are both happy to see each other again,” she told People in the US.