The tattoo she declared he would never show to anyone is a climbing dragon, Billie Eilish’s lower abdomen tattoo.


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Billie Eilish has unveiled the tattoo she had declared she would never show to anyone. The design of the huge tattoo, which runs from her thigh to his lower abdomen, has been revealed.



Billie Eilish’s lower abdomen tattoo is a climbing dragon


When singer Billie Eilish was asked in a Vanity Fair interview in 2019, when she was 17, what she would like to do in the future, she said she wanted to get a tattoo, but in California, where she lives, she was not allowed to get a tattoo until she was 18. However, in 2020, the year after she turned 18, she finally realised her dream of getting a tattoo.

In a Vanity Fair interview she gave after getting the tattoo, she said, “I got the tattoo. But I’m never going to show it to everyone, though”, declared Billie.


A few years have passed since then, and now she is gradually showing her tattoo more and more, but this time, unusually, Billie herself revealed her tattoo and her belly button piercing, which she rarely showed, on Instagram.




BILLIE EILISH(@billieeilish)がシェアした投稿

This time Billie unveiled the tattoo on her lower abdomen, which was the biggest mystery of all. The tattoo is huge, running from her thigh to her lower abdomen, and although it had been glimpsed in the past due to her outfits, it was unclear what kind of design it was.


However, this time Billie showed the upper part of this tattoo and it was revealed that it is a tattoo of a climbing dragon.


Incidentally, Billie has several other tattoos in addition to her lower abdomen tattoo, and she has revealed that his favourite is the fairy tattoo she got.