Missing Brazilian actor found dead in his boot Acted in daytime dramas and other productions before his death


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A Brazilian actor who had been missing since January has been found dead in his boot.



The deceased was Jefferson Machado (44), a daytime drama actor in Brazil.


According to police, the boot in which his body was stuffed was buried in a hole six feet (183 cm) below the concrete floor of a detached house in a neighbourhood in western Rio de Janeiro.

It reportedly took nine people, including seven police officers, to remove the boot from the hole.


The body was tied up and its fingerprints identified it as Jefferson Machado.


According to local media, the detached house was rented by a local woman to a man, who is being investigated by police as a suspect. The man’s name has not been released.


A month ago, Machado was seen entering the detached house and is believed to have known the suspect for some time.


Machado had appeared in the Brazilian daytime drama Reis last year.


However, on 29 January this year, Machado lost contact with his mother after speaking to her on the phone, and was officially declared missing on 9 February.


His mother told local media that in her last phone call, Machado had told her that he was staying at a friend’s house in São Paulo for an audition. However, she said that she was concerned afterwards, as she had only received several text messages that did not make sense.


Until last week, the family held out hope that Machado was still alive.


A friend of Machado’s wrote of his heartbreak following the news on his Instagram, “Jefferson was coldly and brutally murdered by jealous, evil and definitely unscrupulous people”.