[2023 Rugby World Cup] European fans outraged by lack of beer at Rugby World Cup venues, sold out during matches, foreign press reports “worst ever.


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Rugby World Cup in France started.



French and English fans were furious: “I can’t believe it. It’s the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’m furious.”

The host nation France and powerful England fans were outraged during the matches as the countries began their heated competition to become the world’s number one rugby team. The reason was the lack of beer at the venue. The New Zealand media “stuff” carried an article with the headline, “England Fans Furious After Beer Sold Out During Rugby World Cup Match in France.


In the article, which reportedly says, “Fans slammed the ‘chaotic’ food and drink service at the Rugby World Cup as beer sold out mid-match at various locations in France,” supporters in both France and England were “left in the dark by long lines, a lack of beer and incompetent staff at this weekend’s Stade de France and Stade de Marseille” and reported that “long lines, lack of beer and incompetent staff deprived them of the enjoyment of this weekend’s matches at the Stade de France and the Stade de Marseille.


The Daily Telegraph reported that beer shortages were reported at the France-New Zealand opener on September 8 and the England-Argentina match on September 9, with “stuff” describing the “beer shortage as extending from Marseille to Paris. The Daily Telegraph reported that the shortage of beer was reported in the England-Argentina match on September 9. World Rugby denied that there was a beer shortage,” but one international fan who was at the England match said, “I stood in line for 10 minutes at a different location and couldn’t get a beer. I couldn’t even get close to the bar,” he said.


The article stated that “80 percent of the liquid coming out of every beer keg (server) was foam,” and that “at one point, the two women working at the bar became so stressed out that they closed the place down. They were standing at the bar, trying to get the steel mesh down to make a barrier, and when they realized they couldn’t get it down to the very bottom, they climbed over the bar, gave up, and went home.””It’s unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it. It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I was furious.


An England fan who was there said, “When you plan a tournament like this, you have to start with not disappointing the fans and making sure they don’t run out of beer,” and “After standing in line for so long, when I finally got to the front of the beer line after halftime, the bar staff said, ‘c’est fini,'” he said. “When I finally got to the front of the beer line after a long line and after halftime, the bar staff said ‘c’est fini, c’est fini’ (French for ‘The end. The end.’). The end.) ‘” he said. He was not happy.