“Santa Claus’s love” drawn in a commercial for a post office 50 years after Norway recognized homosexuality



The Norwegian post office has released a commercial about the love affair between a man named Harry and Santa Claus.



Norwegian love of Santa Claus


Norwegian post office Posten puts a love story into a commercial for Christmas. The main character is … Santa Claus!


A man named Harry who lives in Norway encounters Santa Claus at home on Christmas one year. From there, the relationship between Santa Claus and Harry, which can only be met once a year, begins. The two are deepening their ties, but it is of course lonely that they can meet only once a year. Harry sends the message, “I only want you for Christmas.”


Then, it was the deliveryman at the post office who came to deliver the present for Christmas that year! And when he returned to the room, Santa Claus told Harry, “I’ve got help this year, so I can be with you,” and the two kiss.

At the end of the video titled “When Harry met Santa”, “2022 is the 50th anniversary of being able to love anyone who wants to love in Norway” and “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!” The message “From all of us to all of us” was sent.


In Norway, the criminal law provisions that criminalized sexual intercourse between men were abolished in 1972. Then, in 1993, the Registration Partnership Law was enacted, and in 2008, a new marriage law was enacted without distinction by gender. This also granted lesbian couples the right to have children by artificial insemination and allowed same-sex couples to adopt.


Posten Marketing Director Monica Solberg said, “Isn’t this year we need a warm love story? There have been many bad things in the world, but in Norway we are all. A blessing to the fact that you can love the one you want to love. ”


By the way, Johan Ehn’s husband, who played Harry, was the writer Mats Strandberg, who responded, “It’s my husband who is kissing Santa!”