Aston Martin quickly introduced updates to the AMR22 at the Bahrain test. Mimicking Mercedes?


Last Updated on 03/10/2022 by てんしょく飯



The second pre-season test will be held at the Bahrain International Circuit starting March 10.



Aston Martin seems to have made some quick updates to the AMR22 between the last test at the Circuit de Catalunya and this one.

First of all, long front and rear fins (red arrows) have been installed behind the mirrors and on the shoulders of the side pontoons. This is to reinforce the out-wash airflow generated by the side pontoons. This design is very similar to that of Mercedes’ W13.


The stays for the rear view mirrors have also been modified. The Catalunya test version had two stays, one extending from the side of the cockpit across the side pontoons, and the other directly below the mirror itself. In the new version, however, the stay extending from the side of the cockpit across the side pontoons has been removed, and the stay supporting the mirror from below has been moved closer to the cockpit. An outer frame was also placed around the mirror to allow air to pass through the gap between the mirror and the main body, which seems to control the airflow toward the rear.


At this point, it is unclear whether this is an upgrade that was originally planned, or whether Aston Martin is copying an idea from a rival team.