Johnny Depp reveals the contents of his “secret” diary with ex-wife Amber Heard.


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The contents of the “exchange diary” in which Johnny Depp and Amber Heard wrote things that they were reluctant to say to each other face to face have been revealed in the lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation.



Johnny & Amber’s email exchanges, audio, and video released


On April 21 (local time), Amber’s lawyer cross-examined Johnny in the trial in which Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation. The cross-examination of Johnny was originally scheduled to take place the day before, but was carried over to the next day because the testimony dragged on and time ran out after less than 20 minutes.


Most of the afternoon of cross-examination was spent reciting graphic e-mail exchanges and playing audio and video footage of his confrontation and anger with Amber in front of the jury. The audio was recorded in July 2016, after Johnny and Amber filed for divorce and Amber sought a restraining order against him. (Johnny), “Don’t cut me. Please don’t do anything to hurt yourself. Why are you doing that? Please don’t do that. Don’t do anything to hurt yourself” (Amber).

Amber’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, also read out a large number of text messages between Johnny and Amber to prove that Johnny used violent language not only verbally but also in writing. One of the texts, “The only reason we go for the throat is love” (Johnny) and “My throat is yours, and I don’t care if it kills me” (Amber), were also used to prove that Johnny and Amber did not verbally abuse each other. I don’t care if it kills you” (Amber), and “Your throat has another use that doesn’t involve injury” (Johnny).


The contents of Johnny’s “exchange diary” to Amber were also revealed.


The trial also revealed the existence of an “exchange diary” in which Johnny and Amber wrote things that were difficult for them to say to each other face to face.

It seems that this diary was one of the important communication tools for Johnny and Amber, and one day Johnny wrote in his diary, “I can’t express how sorry I am that I committed such a malicious misdemeanor with the sole intention of hurting you. (omitted) From now on, I will never allow myself to commit such a shameful act, no matter what happens to me,” he wrote, showing his deep remorse for having done something and his strong will.


The trial, which began on April 11 local time, is scheduled to last about a month and a half, and this is the third day that Johnny has been on the stand, but the judge said at the close of court that cross-examination of Johnny will still continue.