Olivia Rodrigo to leave “High School Musical: The Musical” after Season 3? Showrunner hints at dropout


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Season 3 of “High School Musical: The Musical” (“HSMTMTS”), the latest original series of the hit coming-of-age musical drama currently available on Disney+, Disney’s official video distribution service, will finally be released next week. This may be the last season for Olivia Rodrigo, who played Nini.



Tim Federer has said that Season 3 will be a “farewell party” for Nini, the character she plays.


HSMTMTS” is set at East High School, where the “High School Musical” TV movie series, which aired on the Disney Channel in 2006 and caused a huge boom, was filmed. The season 3 of “HSMTMTS,” which will be exclusively distributed on Wednesday, July 27, will feature the members of “Wildcats” going to summer camp. On the other hand, Olivia, who has been the driving force of the show so far, is treated as a “special guest star” in this season.

Olivia, who became known to the younger generation through her role as Nini in “HSMTMTS,” released her debut song “Driver’s License” last January, which debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. and U.K. singles charts. Furthermore, at the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony held on April 3 (local time), Olivia won three awards, including Best New Artist.


Season 4 of “HSMTMTS” has already been renewed, and according to showrunner and creator Tim Federer in his latest interview, season 3 will be a “farewell party” for Olivia, a rising star in the music world, and her character Ninni, who will play the role of a “farewell” to her. “It’s a farewell party,” he said.


Tim told ET, “I think she’s ready to explore the world outside the halls of East High School,” he said, “and Olivia herself has had a monumental explosion [of hits] in the music industry, so frankly, I’d like to say to Olivia, who I work with, ‘We’re going to be a little less outspoken in How can we get you out there?’ It felt like the right thing to do. We were all proud to support her. We were all proud to support her,” he said. “It was our mission to send Olivia out.


So this season, we’re going to give her character a proper send-off, but at the same time, we want to leave room for other characters to step into the mess and take the spotlight. It’s been a lot of fun to have her back and reminisce about the beginning.


In Season 2, Gina (played by Sofia Wiley), a member of the drama club, introduces her brother Jamie (played by Jordan Fisher), a music producer who has produced many hit songs, to Nini, who has a talent for making music. The film ends with Nini calling Jamie with her mind made up…and that’s the end of the story.