‘High School Musical: The Musical’ Nini’s Biological Father is Dare? His true identity is finally revealed!


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The identity of Nini’s biological father, played by Olivia Rodrigo, was revealed in season 3 of “High School Musical: The Musical” (“HSMTMTS”), a coming-of-age musical drama on Disney+, Disney’s official video distribution service, which has finally begun distribution. has been revealed.



She is traveling to Southern California, which is also her birthplace.


HSMTMTS” is an original series set at East High School, the same school where the “High School Musical” TV movie series, which aired on the Disney Channel in 2006, created a huge sensation in the U.S. Season 3, which began streaming exclusively on July 27 (Wed.), features the summery characters from “Wildcats. Wildcats” go on a summer camp trip.


However, Nini, the main character of the series, does not attend the summer camp this time, but instead travels to Southern California, the place where she and her moms met and where she was born. Upon arrival, Nini is told who her donor, or biological father, is.


Ninni’s father is Marvin (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson), a friend and alumnus of the moms. Nini has only met him once when she was four years old, but after this confession, the four of them decide to have dinner together.


At first the atmosphere was awkward between Nini and Marvin, but it turned out that he and his moms had formed a band called “University Crowns” in the past, and the band’s song “You Never Know” had been played on the radio. It was also revealed that he was on the verge of performing at the first “Coachella,” making the dinner unexpectedly enjoyable.

Tim Federer, the showrunner of the series, told TV Line, “I always wanted to do a story about Nini’s real father,” and that he had hoped to include a story about Nini’s father in the script, adding, “I think right before you turn 18, there is a moment when you start to imagine what your life as an adult will be like. I think there’s a moment right before you turn 18 when you start to imagine what your life as an adult is going to be like. At least I think a certain number of kids have doubts about that beginning,” he said.


High School Musical: The Musical” is available now on Disney Plus.