Daniel Craig has completely forgotten how to speak the character he played in “Knives Out”! Training hard with an accent coach


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Actor Daniel Craig is once again playing Benoit Blanc in the sequel to the hit film “Knives Out,” but to his surprise, he has completely forgotten how to speak Benoit.


In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Daniel Craig said that he was unable to speak with Blanc’s distinctive southern accent before filming for the sequel began. Before filming began, Daniel said he trained hard with an accent coach for three or four months. He said, “I forgot my accent, but I didn’t want to imitate it. I wanted it to be as realistic and down to earth as possible,” Daniel said.



Actor Daniel Craig, in the sequel to his hit film “Knives Out,” has, to his surprise, completely forgotten how to speak Benoit.

Knives Out” was nominated for three awards at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, and was also the first film directed by Ryan Johnson to be nominated for Best Screenplay at the 92nd Academy Awards.


In this mystery film, Daniel Craig’s character, Bran, a famous detective, uncovers the secrets and feuds of the family members who are the prime suspects as he investigates the case of Harlan, a wealthy man who died under mysterious circumstances. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with most praising its surprising and complex storyline, the cast’s excellent performances, and Ryan Johnson’s direction.




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In a virtual conversation with Javier Bardem for Variety this past January, Daniel said, “We shot the second film in the summer. We shot it in Greece and did a studio shoot in Serbia. It’s finished and just before the release of the film. Leanne is editing it now, and it will be released this fall. It’s finished and it’s really great,” he shared the information.