He has made the decision to put down the racket. Roger Federer (41) revealed on social media on September 15 that the Lever Cup, which will be held in London from September 23, will be his last tournament.


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There is no doubt that Federer will leave a great mark on the court. He has been constantly compared to his longtime rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, but there is no doubt that his income is unmatched in the history of tennis.



Federer has earned approximately $1 billion in sponsorships and other business ventures.

Since turning pro in 1998, Federer has won a total of $131 million in prize money on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) tour. This ranks him third all-time behind Djokovic ($159 million) and Nadal ($132 million), but when it comes to off-court earnings, Federer dominates. Forbes estimates that Federer has earned approximately $1 billion (excluding taxes and agent fees) from sponsorships and other business ventures.


Federer’s off-court earnings amount to $90 million per year, making him the top earner in the sport by $10 million over LeBron James (basketball), who is in second place.


Therefore, in the Forbes 2022 edition of the “Most Profitable Athletes” ranking, Federer is also ranked seventh, despite earning only $700,000 in winnings, and in the same ranking for 2020, he is ranked first with $106.3 million, ahead of Forbes’ “Most He has reigned at No. 1 on Forbes’ list of “Top Earning Tennis Players” for 17 consecutive years.


Federer’s lifetime earnings, including prize money and off-court income, before taxes and fees to agents, are $1.1 billion, more than twice as much as Nadal ($500 million) and Djokovic ($470 million). Only six other active players have lifetime earnings in excess of $1 billion: James and Floyd Mayweather (boxing), Lionel Messi (soccer), Phil Mickelson (golf), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), and Tiger Woods (golf).


Federer has long-term sponsorship deals with more than a dozen brands, including Credit Suisse, Linz, Mercedes, and Rolex, many of which exceed 10 years; his contract with Nike, which paid him a total of about $150 million over 20 years, ended in 2018, and he signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with Uniqlo that year. He signed a new major contract with Uniqlo for $300 million over three years.


Federer could become the fourth billionaire in sports (richest man with more than $1 billion in assets), following Michael Jordan, James, and Woods. Federer has a significant stake (percentage undisclosed) in On, a startup shoe brand from his native Switzerland, in 2019. The company went public last September and has a current market capitalization of about $6 billion (¥860 billion).