Is Japan’s “healthy image” a lie? McDonald’s Fries in Japan Shocked by Unknown Facts


Last Updated on 03/05/2022 by てんしょく飯


A comparison of McDonald’s restaurants in 33 countries around the world revealed a surprising fact about Japanese fries.



What are the characteristics of McDonald’s in Japan?


McDonald’s, the hamburger chain popular in countries around the world, is an addictive delicacy that makes people want to eat it regularly.


On the other hand, many people have the image that McDonald’s food is “bad for you.” In fact, the calorie and salt content of the same product varies from country to country.


The American online health care company NiceRx compared McDonald’s products in different countries, and the results were surprising.


This time, NiceRx targeted a combination of a Big Mac, a medium size of French fries, and a single chicken nugget.

First, the three McDonald’s products from 33 countries were analyzed in terms of calories, and the one with the highest total calories was… Japan!


Many people have a healthy image of the Japanese diet, and by extension, the Japanese people, but McDonald’s calorie content seems to be different.


The Big Mac has 525 calories, the fries have 410 calories, and the chicken nuggets have 54 calories, for a total of 989 calories.


South Korea also ranked third, with Asian countries making up two of the top three. The United States, by the way, came in eighth, with Israel at the bottom of the list, with a total of 729 calories.


And, in fact, Japan’s Big Mac has the lowest calorie count of the top 12. However, the calorie content of Japanese fries and nuggets is much higher than that of other countries.

The Japanese fries have 410 calories and the chicken nuggets have 54 calories, while the second place Canadian fries have 350 calories and the nuggets have 42 calories.


It is no exaggeration to say that McDonald’s fries are the most popular product, surpassing hamburgers. Perhaps there is a hidden flavor in the name of calories.


How much salt is in McDonald’s fries in Japan?


NiceRx also compared the salt content of McDonald’s products in different countries, with Turkey coming in first, but again, Japan ranked in the top two!


The Big Mac contains 2.6 grams of salt, the fries 0.8 grams, and the nuggets 0.26 grams, for a total of 3.66 grams. In terms of salt content, there was no such thing as the Big Mac containing less than the other countries; the results showed that it contained more overall.


Also at the bottom of the list was Israel, also with 2.46 grams.


NiceRx also compared saturated fatty acids, but this comparison excluded three countries, including Japan, because of a lack of information on some countries.


While health/unhealthiness should be based on the frequency of eating high-calorie foods and the balance of one’s diet over a period of time, these results were certainly surprising.