Glen Powell, who played Hangman in “Top Gun Maverick,” recalls an incident in which he thought Tom Cruise “killed” him.


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Glen Powell, who played Hangman in “Top Gun Maverick,” recalls an incident in which he thought Tom Cruise, his senior actor in the film, had “killed” him.



Glen Powell’s unexpected incident made him think of “death”.


Glen Powell, who played an arrogant but lovable hangman in the movie “Top Gun Maverick,” talked about an incident on the popular American talk show “The Tonight Show” in which he thought he was “killed” by Tom Cruise, his senior actor who co-starred in the movie.


The cast members who played young pilots, including Glen and Miles Teller who played Rooster, are known to have a strong relationship of trust with Tom in real life as well, as they kept in touch with him personally after the filming. Glenn, who admired Tom’s way of life so much that he obtained a pilot’s license, seems to be especially loved by Tom.


It is not a pleasant thing for him to be “killed” by Tom. What in the world happened to him? According to Glen, the “incident” occurred when he was in England for the reshoots of “Top Gun Maverick” and Tom persuaded him to try skydiving.

Tom arranged for a skydiving team, but Tom’s only request was that Glen could not skydive with anyone else. He said he had to fly solo the first time. So I literally had to jump off alone,” he said. But as it turned out, that request terrified Glenn.


The worst part was that I couldn’t find the tab [for the parachute] when I was falling. It’s a nightmare. So my first thought was, ‘Oh, Tom killed me. (He must feel responsible (for my death). ‘God, he forced me to do this. I was looking for tabs, and I said, ‘You’re not Tom Cruise. You can’t be Tom Cruise. Why did you do this?


Incidentally, Glenn, who is now alive and well and doesn’t need to explain himself, made a second attempt after finding the tab and returning safely to the surface, despite the fact that he had just experienced a near-death experience. Tom is known to be quite daredevil, but Glenn is not so bad either.