What do former co-stars Kevin McHale & Jenna Ushkowitz think now about Lea Michele after her past snark was exposed…? We were…”


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Kevin McHale (34) and Jenna Ushkowitz (36), who starred in the popular international drama “Glee” (2009-2015), have been talking about their former co-star Lea Michele (36), who was exposed for her bad behavior in the past several years ago and has been criticized by many. The two have been on a de facto “hiatus”.



She was effectively forced into “inactivity.”

Lea, who quickly became a popular actress with her role as Rachel in “Glee,” was exposed for her racist remarks and abusive language toward her former cast mates about two years ago, and she quickly came under fire. Immediately after the incident, Leah issued an apology, but this led to her being forced into a de facto “hiatus,” including the termination of her advertising.


This fall, Leah made a spectacular comeback by being cast as Fanny Blythe in the Broadway play “Funny Girl,” but what do her former co-stars Kevin and Jenna think of her?


Kevin and Jenna, who are sharing behind-the-scenes stories from “Glee” on their new podcast, “And That’s What You Really Missed,” said they are still “family” when asked by Insider magazine about their relationship with Leah.


Jenna said, “I mean, back then, we were all like family, right? That will never change,” and emphasized that the bond they built on “Glee” is “forever. She added, “Like I said before, she was a professional. She knew her lines, and when she showed up, she did her job. She excelled at it,” he also said, praising Leah’s work ethic.


Kevin, on the other hand, said, “I haven’t talked to her in a long time, but we’re all cool.” “And I think that families are very honest with each other and respect each other’s opinions and things like that. And I think families are very honest with each other and respect each other’s opinions and that kind of thing.


And I think it’s kind of how we handle things, regardless of who it is. We’re cool. We’re all grownups now.


Both men have expressed that their current relationship with Leah is good, but Chris Colfer, who played Kurt Hamel on “Glee,” recently said on a radio show that he was invited to see Leah’s musical “Funny Girl” by the host. I’ve got a lot on my plate today,” he said. He also replied, “Oh, I’d rather stay at home than see a play,” and firmly refused to see Leah’s musical.