Two spectacular goals by Mbappé! Champion France breaks the World Cup jinx to advance first to the finals!


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On November 26, the second match of Group D of the Qatar World Cup was held between France and Denmark.



Ace scored three goals in two games.

France came into this tournament as the previous champion, and won their first game in reverse order. However, their opponent in the second match was Denmark, which suffered back-to-back defeats in this year’s UEFA Nations League. For the biggest match of the group, Valin will be in the starting lineup after his injury, while Mbappé, Giroud, and others will also be in the starting lineup. Mbappé and Giroud are also in the starting lineup, while Luca Hernandez’s brother, Theo Hernandez, replaces the seriously injured Luca Hernandez. On the other hand, Denmark, who drew their opening match, had their main players such as goalkeeper Schmeichel, Eriksen, and Heubühr all starting on the pitch.


Both sides moved the ball around early on, with Giroud having a chance in the 10th minute but failing to get a shot on target, and Dembele’s 15th-minute cross to Giroud, who failed to meet it. In the 20th minute, a counter-attack in their own half led to an FK for Mbappé, who was brought down from behind. From the resulting FK, Rabiot crossed to the right, but was denied by a fine save from goalkeeper Schmeichel. Although no goal was scored, France took the lead.


France continued to dominate the match, with Cunde and Griezmann creating chances through Mbappé and Griezmann in the 34th and 36th minutes, respectively, before a fast break allowed Cornelius to get a shot away, but Mbappé was still in control. The visitors were unable to score a goal, but they were able to keep the pressure on in the second half.


Denmark, in a poor position, started the second half with Bleisweit in place of Cornelius, and the Danish team tried to break the deadlock. The Danish team tried to break the deadlock. The Danish team pressed more aggressively and played more in the opposition’s territory. France, on the other hand, kept Mbappé on the front line and blocked the ball on the counter, and in the 57th minute, their ace broke through on his own and fired in a shot. In the 61st minute, France finally broke through on the Danish goal. On the left side, Mbappé sent a pass into the box. Theo Hernandez turned the ball over and fired home. The ace’s strike gave the visitors a long-awaited lead.


Denmark, however, immediately responded. After the goal, they continued to push forward aggressively, and in the 68th minute, A. Christensen headed in the equalizer from a CK by Eriksen. The game was back to square one. Denmark’s momentum was back in their favor, and in the 72nd minute, another decisive goal came from a cross on the left side of the field. The Danish goalkeeper, Djordjevic, was also introduced shortly afterwards to try to turn the game around. France, on the other hand, dropped Varane and Dembele in the 74th minute, and sent on Konate and Coman.


In the 77th minute, France had a great chance with Chouamenyi from a CK, but his head hit the opponent. Kunde’s head also went wide, and Rabiot’s bicycled shot soon after went just wide. Denmark also had an open game in the final minutes, as Bleisweit’s shot in the 80th minute went just wide on the right side of the box.


Then, in the 86th minute, France succeeded in winning the game. Griezmann sent in a cross from the right, and Mbappé poked home. The ace’s third goal of the tournament put the champions back in front.


The match ended as it did. France won 2-1 with two goals from Mbappé. With this result, they have 6 points and will advance to the final tournament without waiting for the final match. The champions of the previous tournament broke the “jinx” of the last three tournaments (Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014, and Germany in 2018), in which they were eliminated in the group phase of the next tournament. Denmark, on the other hand, will go into the final match against Australia with one point.