Selena Gomez spent Thanksgiving this year with that popular newlywed couple! They celebrated by preparing British food as well as turkey! The video showing off their bromance has gone viral!


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Selena Gomez spent this year’s Thanksgiving with her good friends.



On Friday, November 25, singer and actress Selena Gomez updated her TikTok account. She released a video of her and her friends celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving.

@selenagomezFish n chips by my favorite Brit and the wifey @brooklynbeckham @Nicolapeltzbeckham

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In it were model Nicola Peltz and husband and wife Brooklyn Beckham. Brooklyn Beckham is the eldest son of former England soccer player David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, and he and Nicola Peltz just got married this April.


On this day, Selena and her family celebrated Thanksgiving at the couple’s home in Los Angeles.


Since it was a gathering with unpretentious friends, Brooklyn was dressed in pajama pants and a Beatles T-shirt, while Nicola wore a white camisole and sweatpants.


In Selena’s video, all of her friends gather in the kitchen to prepare a delicious-looking feast and dessert. Brooklyn’s whisking of what looks like cream is also well documented.


The traditional Thanksgiving meal is turkey, but on this day, Brooklyn himself seems to have served not only turkey, but also fish and chips, a typical British dish.


In the latter half of the video, Nicola hugged and kissed Serena, showing how close they are.


It also seems that many of Selena’s friends who usually interact with her, such as writer Raquel Stevens and Nicola’s brother, ice hockey player Bradley Peltz, were also there that day.


Selena added the caption “Fish and chips with Brit @brooklynbeckham and his wife @Nicolapeltzbeckham” to the TikTok video she posted.