Qatar World Cup】Messi tells the story of Argentina’s victory over Qatar Messi talks about Argentina’s victory behind the scenes: “I became stronger after the penalty kick failure”


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One of the world’s greatest talents is on his way to winning the World Cup for his country.


Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Poland in their final Qatar World Cup Group C match on November 30 was their first win of the tournament since their first match against Saudi Arabia. After a disappointing start in their first match of the tournament, in which they were beaten by the Saudis, the Argentinians came out on top.



One of the world’s greatest talents advanced toward the World Cup title for his country.

Against Poland, a game in which a win would automatically qualify them for the finals, Argentina showed their true colors. From the beginning, Argentina overwhelmingly dominated the ball and went on the offensive. The Argentine’s main man, Lionel Messi, missed a great chance to win the game when he was awarded a penalty kick in the 39th minute after an altercation with goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and was denied by a right-handed shot.


The youngsters, 23-year-old Alexis Mc Aristel in the 46th minute and 22-year-old Julian Alvarez in the 67th minute, both making their first World Cup appearances, were able to make their first appearance in the tournament. They made up for the “mistakes” made by the big ace. The local newspaper “Clarin” wrote, “With these two on the field, the team kept its shape. Messi also worked hard in a “behind-the-scenes” role to set up the game.


After the game, Messi said, “I was disappointed that I missed the penalty kick. After the game, Messi emphasized, “I was disappointed in my penalty kick failure, but the team has become stronger because of that failure. After the game, Messi emphasized that he was disappointed with his penalty kick failure, but that the team had grown stronger because of it.


I knew that once the first goal was scored, the game would change. We knew that if we scored first, we would win the game. This team knows what each of us has to do, no matter who we are playing. After the worst start in this group, I said, ‘Take it easy, the games will go on. The games will go on. And we came out and played a perfect game like we did today.


Argentina proved that the long-standing weakness of the national team, that it is up to the ace, has been resolved with tangible results from its young players. In the first round of the final tournament on December 3 (local time), Argentina will face Australia, the Asian champions.