Prince Harry and his wife “fabricate” overheated paparazzi. Documentary over-exaggerates in scenes that are “a complete farce”?


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The trailer for a Netflix documentary about Prince Harry and his wife has been released with footage suggesting that “the press is invading their privacy and hunting them down,” and while the latest trailer, released on December 5, included similar scenes, it is clear that these were not the same scenes that followed Prince Harry and his wife. The latest trailer, which was released on December 5, also contained similar scenes, but it was revealed that these scenes did not follow Prince and Princess Harry, leading to accusations of “fabrication” against the couple.



On December 1 and 5 local time, trailers for the Netflix-produced documentary on Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, “Harry & Meghan,” were released.

In the trailer released on December 1, there is a black-and-white image of dozens of paparazzi with their cameras pointed in the same direction, seemingly suggesting that the two were being hounded by the press.


However, it was revealed that this image was actually taken at the premiere of the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2” (released in 2011) and that the people in the image were invited photographers.


The Sun reports, “The red carpet took place in 2011, five years before Prince Harry and Meghan were introduced by an acquaintance and met in 2016, and no members of the royal family were in attendance.


In addition, a trailer released on May 5 shows a cameraman filming Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie’s back from the balcony of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s residence during the couple’s official visit to South Africa in 2019.


The image, which appears to suggest that “the press is invading their privacy,” also turns out to have been taken by a photographer who was a member of the accredited press at Archbishop Tutu’s home. The U.S. media “Page Six,” the British media “Mirror,” and “Daily Mail Online” reported the story.


Robert Jobson, a correspondent for the British Royal Family, wrote the following on Twitter about the image.


This image used by Netflix and Prince Harry and Princess Meghan to suggest that the media is overheating is a complete travesty. It was taken from an authorized location at the residence of Archbishop Tutu in Cape Town and only three authorized people were in the designated position. I was there.”


Another video shows cameramen gathered around the car as Meghan insists that the royal family will never protect them, and then cuts to Meghan wiping tears from her eyes.


However, Princess Meghan was not being chased. According to the Daily Mail Online, the footage used was of “former President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen (Michael Cohen) leaving his New York apartment to serve time in 2019 for financial crimes, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress.


In the trailer, he says, “I was scared. I didn’t want history to repeat itself,” narrated by Prince Harry, which royal expert Ingrid Seward (Ingrid Seward) said “I don’t think Prince Harry was aware of it, but it undermines the prince’s claim to protect his family.”


In the latest trailer, the couple vehemently denounced the “royal class” and claimed that insiders “leaked and orchestrated” the story about them. They also describe life in the royal family as a “dirty game,” and use footage of the late Princess Diana and Crown Princess Catherine being chased by cameramen to talk about the “pain and suffering of the women who marry into this organization.


Harry & Meghan” consists of six episodes, with three episodes to be released on December 8 and the remaining three on December 15.